Strategies for Reusing Flowerpots and Garden Containers When Plant Parenting Fails

Strategies for Reusing Flowerpots and Garden Containers When Plant Parenting Fails

Your motives are pure. Assume the role of the plant purchaser. You give the plant the best care you can. You probably give your plant a name, chat with it, and provide it with water and a brighter location during the day. But eventually, no matter what you do, it will droop, its leaves will dry out, and it will die.

Consequently, you discard it and start the process over again. And yet, suppose you didn't. What if you stopped trying to prove your gardening prowess and just accepted that fiddle leaf figs are temperamental and succulents aren't your thing?

After that, you'll need to figure out what to do with the bulk flower pots you already have, which may be a real headache if it's chic and ornamental.

Add To The Bathroom's Storage

Extra toilet paper, paper towels, washcloths, and toiletries may all be corralled in a tiny attractive container. Have a new set of three pots for succulents? One possible repurpose to hold cotton swabs, cotton rounds, and cotton balls. Makeup and hairbrushes can also be stored in a tiny planter.

Create A Bird Bath For Your Yard

Simple as turning your pot upside down, placing the saucer on top, and adding water. The use of stacked containers allows for a more vertical design. Just make sure you use strong glue, so everything stays put.

Design A Planter

It's similar to the preceding thought. You may struggle with somewhat larger plants but have no trouble with the tiny fellows. If a plant is doing well, you may utilize an immense planter upside down to support it.

Use It As An Interior Centerpiece

Put in your planter or pot some natural-looking yet utterly permanent plants. Decorations might include pine cones, pampas grass, and artificial flowers. The pot filler is your friend if you need to raise these components so you can see them better.

Cooking And Entertaining Supplies

Put wine and champagne in cans and chill them in a large planter to use as a makeshift chiller. For this upcycling project to succeed, the original container must either have a saucer or no drainage hole.

The smaller the pot, the more beautiful it may be on a tabletop, such as when used to carry utensils and napkins for outdoor eating. Pastry brushes and wooden spoons can be kept in a wall planter for easy access in the kitchen.

The Solution In An Entryway

You can usually fit a planter in your entry arrangement regardless of how little room you have. Attempt a big one to accommodate your umbrella, bag, and other items in the great outdoors. Converting a smaller version of the design into a valet tray might be another option.

Produce A Candle

After you've used a candle up and scraped off any remaining wax, the container may be reused as a planter. Why not do the opposite? Invest in a soy candle-making kit and use one of the completed candles as a decorative element on a side table or nightstand. In general, a smaller, non-draining planter will do.