How Dog Water Treadmill Therapy Work?

How Dog Water Treadmill Therapy Work?

Hot water helps the body heal by reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, and soothing sore muscles and joints. As with humans, dogs can experience a reduction in both physical and mental stress after a relaxing soak in warm water. Your dog will experience less discomfort from their workouts because of the hydrostatic pressure of the water. Water's resistance and buoyancy make it a great place to work out since they both aid in building muscle while reducing strain on the body's skeletal structure. Because the water displaces the dog's body weight, it alleviates pressure on the canine's joints and makes walking more comfortable.

Hydrotherapy Treats Which Conditions?

Using a water treadmill or swimming pool is two examples of hydrotherapy methods that can help many dogs. Aquatic-based physical therapy may help people of all fitness levels get back on their feet after an accident or surgery, ease the discomfort of arthritis or overuse, and keep their weight in check through various exercises tailored specifically for the water environment.

Does Fido Require Physiotherapy?

To better serve its canine patients, East Valley Animal Hospital will provide water treadmill treatment beginning in December 2021. Our rehabilitation experts are here to help whether your dog is experiencing chronic pain from arthritis, has had a recent injury, or might benefit from preventative treatment.

What Kinds of Health Problems Does Hydrotherapy Address?

Canine hydrotherapy is highly recommended for dogs with orthopedic issues such as osteoarthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament ruptures, and fractures. The lack of gravity reduces the force acting on the body, allowing for more mobility and flexibility. It also aids those with neurological disorders, such as "wobbler syndrome" and "Canine Degenerative Myelopathy," by enhancing sensory input to regain lost movement and balance.

Underwater Treadmill Advantages For Dogs

In addition to being gentler on their knees, dogs can get a slew of additional advantages from using an underwater dog water treadmill. After surgery or an injury like an ACL rupture, hydrotherapy can hasten the healing process. Painful arthritis and other chronic illnesses in dogs alleviate with hydrotherapy. Building endurance and protecting against injuries are two of the many benefits of hydrotherapy for active and sporty dogs.

Perfect For Winter

Due to their thick coats, dogs may have trouble keeping warm during physical activity in chilly conditions. Using an underwater treadmill will make it much simpler for your dog to get up if they have difficulty doing so due to painful joints. Canine hydrotherapy is ideal for younger or older dogs who need to maintain their physical fitness year-round since it has been demonstrated in studies to be more successful at growing muscular strength than traditional workouts.

Calms Dogs

Canine hydrotherapy helps dogs become more social and assured in new situations, especially in the water. The soothing effects of water and the moderate pace of the underwater treadmill can help your dog feel more at ease and enjoy the experience, especially for shy or anxious dogs.

Managing Your Weight

Obesity is a problem for animals, too, just like it is for people, and hydrotherapy is a beautiful, low-impact option to help with weight loss. Because of the resistance of the water, you may burn more calories in a shorter time than you could be walking.